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Our Background

Notational Technologies is founded out of a realization that traditional business models in the Engineering Segments are rapidly changing and become more competitive than earlier due to vast development. The leveraged pyramid model of  Product development is tuned to manage cost and efficiency in large projects but it cannot provide the effective cost, quality and time to market needed by product innovators and cannot create the environment to attract research oriented and talented engineers in sense of their true capabilities.

IP becoming componentized and most of the product development companies want to purchase/outsource/co-develop non-core or “adjacent” IP. The consulting model of specialty organizations is not flexible enough to provide proper services to such domain. Specialists also cannot leverage cross-domain capabilities nor invest in aggregating technologies and building solutions as these are non-process oriented and follows agile model.

Daily new Innovation are coming in markets, in terms of geography and technology. Product innovators need to be flexible with these new innovation ecosystems to create new products and to access new ideas. An engineering partner must facilitate this to achieve quick targets in terms of Cost, Quality and Time.

At Notational Technologies we focus extremely on engineering, invest proactively in our technology focus areas and have built the competitive work environment to develop in house products as well to serve our technology partners. We understand what quality product means, before ship product in hands of actual customers. Our engineers assures quality in product in all manners.

Our entire organization is having structure where each team work as small start-up team and each technical member having equal opportunity & work competency is assign as per experience level due to this we not only ensures agility but also ensures constant challenge and development for our engineers and the very best technical minds for our customer’s projects.

We don’t aspire to be everything to everyone and we believe that to innovate for new markets there is a whole set of ecosystem partners to work with. We encourage our engineers to work on local and specialized use cases and get put their hands towards solution. We are also committed to social impact innovation. The skills and passion developed spill over into all our activities.

What We Aspire To

We aspire to provide next gen most innovative product & services: an approach that is about helping our customer’s innovations – not merely offering an offshore, near-shore or onsite set of capabilities but also involved with them in all respect.
We seek to explore and engineer new concepts and ideas with our partners and enhance their products through creativity, fresh approach and hybrid process specially design to suite project needs.

We pride ourselves on our agility to adapt seamlessly to rapidly changing & challenging market needs, customer requirements & technological change, and thrive in an environment of constant change to remove paradox effect.
We endeavour to work on the most complex and challenging systems and critical engineering problems and where possible create a meaningful difference in society by focusing on social innovations.

We aim to build local innovation ecosystems to drive success by not just collaborating with partners, but also nurturing top talent, and supporting local institutions.

Value Proposition

Requirement Analysis: Our customers simply describe what they need. We take these high level problem statements, analyse it statically and cross check  with customer then functionally and architecturally elaborate these using a fishbone process. Our team create hybrid process to fit all needs during this whole process customer has complete clarity and feedback is taken time to time for making operations smooth.

Value Enhancement:  We can drive incremental innovation in areas like implementation, testing, sustainment and value engineering, and make a significant impact to reduce cost and improve quality in given time frame.

Innovation Next:  We understand the Indian ecosystem and we are bound to help our customers conceive and build products aligned to the needs of emerging markets. We believe that each markets are unique in product usage, environment, affordability and scale. We strive to work with niche innovators and ecosystem partners to accelerate innovation aimed to make social impact..

Value to Research:  We are expanding our R&D facilities to support Innovation Next. We appreciate that there are always more ideas to explore than there are resources available but without proper implementation chance of success becomes less so we have dedicated R&D for Implementation. We work independently on most of concepts and take them to a decision point. This allows our customers to realize true values of their ideas.

Technology Vision

This is era of more complex and highly specialized product, they are also becoming more interdependent. While our engineers have very deep domain knowledge, as a Product based, R&D Company as well as valued service provider, we can see the opportunities at the intersection of different domains and in technologies and platforms that can be shared which justify our vision “Innovation with next gen Intelligence”.

Truly Technologies Oriented:  While our investors continue to invest in building the core of their offerings, there may be significant opportunities in the non-core space to build related products that can address unmet market needs.

Multi Domain Company:  There is always an opportunity to leverage technology relevant from one domain and apply it to another. For example, we have worked on the application of imaging, video codecs, cloud storage and augmented reality in manufacturing among other areas of embedded systems. We also work in media and animation domain.

Market Research, Data analytics and Cloud Computing:  Increasing complexity of systems, pressures on sustainment cost and availability of information on systems presents a tremendous opportunity in the area of Market Research and Data Analytics. At Notational Technologies we have experience in all of these areas and continue to invest in developing new capabilities.

Open source:  We are having lots innovation going on in areas Photo Realistic Animation, Holographic Operating System, Holographic Processors, Open Source Quick Processor(OSQP), cloud storage(on fly conversions, data encryption) and tools used in core engineering product development, We know these open source  architectures will continue to play an important role in recent time frame. We will continue to invest on our open source software/ hardware towards realizing assets that accelerate development of next gen products..

Our Skill


Market Analysis


Media and Gaming


Social Innovation


Embedded System

Team of Notational Technologies

Notational Technologies is led by product engineering industry veterans as well as innovative engineers. This mix gives us a perspective, strong innovation capabilities, and an unprecedented ability to deliver and scale. Our founders and leaders have guided teams and have built and managed complex products for some of the world’s leading companies.

The most important leadership, however, comes from our individual engineers those takes risk and proves their decision. We endeavour to find the brightest and most motivated young talent and provide them with the tools, space, guidance and most important freedom of taking situation decisions to tackle the most challenging engineering problems. Our organizational structure is One team one Culture.

Manmeet Barad

Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Manmeet Barad is a founder and Managing Director of the Notational Technologies. He is an expert in Digital Signal Processing (Video Processing), Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and leads a strong understanding in Business Management arena. Manmeet received his B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering with Distinction from the Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Technology Nanded, MS, India, he also holds MCP, RHCE Certifications. He having strong work experience in the areas of Video Codecs (includes H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, VC1 and their profiles, containers), Audio Codecs, Computer Engineering, Software Systems. Also has expertise in Project, Process Management & Delivery Management. He has served extensively as a Consultant to Industry and has worked for Nvidia and Intel as Software Engineer. Manmeet believes in perfection, consistent quality work, and has zest towards Intellectual Innovation.